Q.  Where are you located?
A.  We are conveniently located at 300 North Carroll Blvd., Suite 103 in Denton, Texas, which is between Oak St. and McKinney St.  The parking lot is shared with First State Bank, and is accessible from Oak, Carroll, and McKinney.  Our offices are in with The Crouch Group.

Q.  Do I have to get naked?
A.  No, you only take off the clothing that will make you comfortable. For some, that means getting naked.  For others it means only taking off their socks. Unless specifically requested and discussed otherwise and beforehand, you are under the draping at all times and we only uncover what we’re working on.

Q.  What technique do you use?
A .  We have been trained in a variety of massage techniques, and we may bring any of them to the table during any particular massage, using what we feel will best serve the client in that moment.

Q.  I only see 30 Minute Spot Massage and Signature Relaxing Massage listed. Don't you offer 60 minute and 90 minute massages?
A .  For many months we offered something we called a "Timerless" massage, where we began work with the client and finished when the work was done to the best of our ability for that day.  They ended up lasting between 70 and 80 minutes for most people, but sometimes ran a little longer.  They were popular enough that we decided to just make all of the work we do like that, with the exception of the Spot Massage.  As with the "Timerless" Massage, please block two hours of your day for completion of our Signature RelaxingMassage in order to relax and enjoy the experience and to avoid feeling rushed when it's over.

Q.  What is Cranial Release Technique?
A.  Cranial Release Technique (CRT) is a specific, gentle, hands-on technique that encourages the body to move out of the state of ongoing protection and survival (“stress”), and into a state of healing and regeneration. CRT can be done with the client fully-clothed and takes only a few minutes to apply, but can have profound and far-reaching benefits to health and well-being.

Q.  What is Hypno-Massage?
A.  Hypno-Massage combines our Signature Relaxing Massage with a hypnosis session focusing on releasing tight muscles and relaxing the body.  The experience is profound, long-lasting, and unlike anything else.

Q.  What body parts do you massage?
A.  We massage the head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, back, legs, and feet.  We also massage the glutes, but it is typically done through the draping.

Q. Are you going to push me through the table?
A.  No, not unless you ask us to. We use deep tissue techniques, not necessarily deep pressure.  The goal is your total relaxation, and not making you uncomfortably sore following a massage session is part of that.

Q. What is in the Synergistic Oil Blend?
A.  Our Synergistic Oil uses a blend of essential oils (thyme, oregano, basil, birch, cypress, marjoram, and peppermint) diluted in sesame seed oil.  It’s used on the back to encourage tense muscles to release and relax.
WARNING: Cannot be used on clients currently taking medication to DECREASE the immune system (i.e. transplant patients, etc).